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Tips for Preventing Gum Disease

Keep your teeth and your overall health by preventing gum disease. The CDC says it's the leading cause of tooth loss in the US. Your Cohasset, MA, family dentists, Dr. Kevin Thomas and Dr. Aaron Chenette want you to know how to prevent this oral health condition. Learn more about it from your friends at Cohasset Dental.

The symptoms of gum disease

Gum disease varies in severity from almost asymptomatic gingivitis to advanced periodontitis. When signs do appear -- if the problem goes untreated--they may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Bad breath
  • Darkened gum tissue
  • Sores
  • Loose teeth
  • Recessed gum tissue and bone
  • Dental sensitivity

Why it happens

Oral bacteria contained in plaque and tartar lead to gum disease. Strep germs secrete acids that erode gum tissue and cause a true infection. Your family dentist can actually measure the erosion with a tiny periodontal probe when you come to your Cohasset dentist for a check-up. The deeper the spaces between your gums and teeth are, the more advanced gum disease is.

Prevention strategies

Yes, gum disease can be treated with deep cleanings, gum grafts and more. But you can prevent gum disease with some simple care including:

  • A healthy, high-fiber diet
  • Drinking water throughout the day--eight or more glasses if possible--for clean teeth and gums and increased production of saliva
  • Brushing twice a day as the American Dental Association (ADA) advises
  • Rinsing with an anti-plaque mouthwash
  • Flossing daily to stay ahead of plaque
  • Seeing your family dentist at Cohasset Dental twice a year for an exam and hygienic cleaning (only your hygienist can remove hard deposits of tartar)
  • Quitting smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Limiting your intake of sugar, carbs and alcohol

Come see us

At Cohasset Dental, your family dentists and their team know the importance of healthy gum tissue. You should, too. Contact Dr. Chenette or Dr. Thomas at our Cohasset, MA, office for your six-month cleaning and check-up. Ask us for more ways to improve your gum health. Phone (781) 383-9393.

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