The Difference Dental Implants Can Make

Bridges and dentures aren't the only options if you've lost a tooth. Dental implants offer an excellent, long-term tooth replacement dental implantsalternative. Your Cohasset dentists, Kevin Thomas, DDS, and Aaron Chenette, DMD, of Cohasset Dental, share a few of the benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants help you smile again

Dental implants not only replace a missing tooth or teeth but also help restore your confidence. Once your dental implant is complete, you'll no longer feel embarrassed to smile or laugh.

Implants are a permanent tooth replacement option

Bridges or full or partial dentures can cover a gap in your mouth, but these prosthetic devices will eventually have to be replaced, unlike dental implants. Implants are placed in your jawbone. Over the next three to six weeks, your titanium implant bonds to the surrounding bone. Since the implant becomes a permanent part of your jaw, it normally never needs to be replaced.

Dental implants keep your jaw strong

Tooth loss can weaken your jawbone. The roots of your teeth provide the stimulation your jawbone needs to remain strong and healthy. When a tooth is lost, so is that stimulation. Eventually, the jawbone begins to shrink at the site of the missing tooth. If you lose several teeth, shrinking can be more pronounced and may cause your face to sag. Since dental implants replace the roots of your teeth, your jawbone continues to receive the stimulation it needs to stay strong.

Dental implants make it easy to talk and chew

Losing a tooth isn't only a cosmetic issue. Tooth loss can affect your ability to chew and speak normally. Although full or partial dentures replace missing teeth, your biting power decreases when you wear dentures, making it difficult to eat some of your favorite foods, like whole apples or corn on the cob. There's no loss of biting power with implants, which means that you can continue to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

Dental implants are good for your budget

Although the initial cost of dental implants may seem high, implants are often the most budget-friendly choice when you consider the long-term costs. Before you make your decision, consider the one-time cost of implants versus replacing dentures or bridges several times during your life.

If dental implants sound like the perfect solution to you, call your Cohasset dentists, Kevin Thomas, DDS, and Aaron Chenette, DMD, of Cohasset Dental, at (781) 383-9393 and schedule an appointment. Perfect your smile with dental implants!

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