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The Advantages of Cerec Crowns

One of the latest innovations in the dental field is called CEREC crowns or “one-visit dentistry.” It has changed the way dentists create and dental crownsplace dental restorations for their patients. Learn more about the many advantages of going to Cohasset Dental in Cohasset, MA for CEREC dental crowns.

Why Crowns?
Dentists have used dental crowns to repair and strengthen teeth for decades. They are a reliable restorative solution for patients who have an array of dental concerns. If any of these situations apply to your current smile, your dentist may recommend a crown:

- Intrinsic discoloration, which means that the inner dentin layer is stained.
- A single protruding tooth.
- A tooth that has weak, worn, or chipped enamel. 
- A tooth has been damaged by a direct injury.
- One tooth has recently been treated with root canal therapy.

CEREC Crowns—The Preferred Choice
If you’re not crazy about the idea of coming in for multiple visits to get a crown, ask your Cohasset, MA dentist about CEREC same-day crowns. Thanks to an innovative milling machine and computer imaging system, the entire treatment can be completed in just one appointment. You won’t have to wait weeks for your permanent crown to be ready.

What Will Happen at Your CEREC Appointment?
The first step for any crown procedure is to remove some of the enamel from the tooth that needs a crown. Once that is done, your dentist will take images of the tooth, design the restoration, and then upload the specifications to the CEREC milling machine. It takes about 15 minutes for the machine to create an almost perfect crown restoration while you wait in the dentist's chair relaxing.

CEREC—Haste, and No Waste
The great thing about having a dentist who offers CEREC crowns is that you won't have to schedule multiple visits when you need a crown. Learn more about how this revolutionary treatment can help you by contacting Cohasset Dental in Cohasset, MA. Call (781) 383-9393 today to set a date and time for a visit with Dr. Kevin Thomas or Dr. Aaron Chenette.

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